Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

How to Use This Site Wisely


How to Use This eBook Wisely

In any good mystery, the reader is tempted to skip to the last page of the book to find out “whodunit.” Likewise, in this book you’ll be tempted to find out “how to do it.”

But before jumping ahead in this book to memorize the GI of all your favorite foods, you might consider reading the entire volume first.  Get a feel for what the glycemic index really is.  Develop a good understanding of how it can help you overcome your battle with weight gain.  Learn how GI values can contribute to your overall health.

And then keep reading, because this book has provided you with even more helpful information not only about carbohydrates, but also regarding the vital role proteins play in your diet.

But keep reading, even after that. Continue in this volume and discover the secret life of “good fats.”  If you haven’t heard about these, you’ll be astounded to learn just how invaluable these essential fatty acids (EFAs) are for your new eating lifestyle.  And yes, as you may have already guessed, these EFAs—as so many call them these days—can also add quality years to your life.

Once you read through all of that, don’t worry.  This book doesn’t just drop you off at the corner and hope you can find your way around.  No, it provides you with a vast list of foods—enough foods, in fact, to help you with every meal—showing you exactly which choices are best for you, and which contribute to weight gain and an increased risk of age-related diseases.

One More Point About Health…

You are expecting a book that guides you along a weight loss program, and indeed, that is what you will find here.  But first, there is one more point to be made about the role of health and the glycemic index.

This book talks briefly about a little-known syndrome called Metabolic X Syndrome.  While this may sound like the title of a Grade B science fiction film, Metabolic X Syndrome is, in fact, a serious health condition.  I need to emphasize here that it is not a disease or a disorder in and of itself.  Rather, it is a set of circumstances that your body possesses that may raise your risk of developing diabetes.  It is, in essence, a precursor to Type 2 Diabetes.

If you discover, after reading this book, that you may actually be one of the millions living with Metabolic X Syndrome, don’t panic, and definitely don’t give up your weight loss goals.  Because armed with the information in this book, you still have a remarkable opportunity to change the direction of your health.

Okay, now you can turn to the back of the book…or Chapter 1.  Just be sure to seriously study the glycemic index and how it can be your most trusted guide on your path to vibrant health, unlimited energy, and of course, a totally new body.

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