Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

The Photoshop Effect


Check this out!

The Photoshop Effect Video clip – Sarah Dussault from Diet.com checks out star Photoshop makeover.

Discover the fact behind adobe Photoshop as well as photo retouch. Effective weight loss dispute and celeb tricks, just what is genuine? Just what is phony? See prior to as well as after images. Should we prohibit retouching?

Special Thanks, Tim Lynch Photography in Boston

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33 Responses to “The Photoshop Effect”
  1. Taylor Healy says:

    This video was assigned to me to watch by one of my college professors and
    all I can say is wow…I think there should be a disclosure in magazines or
    ads that use Photoshop or retouch photos so that the public is aware that
    this isn’t what people actually look like! It’s so sad to think that little
    girls are seeing this photos and comparing themselves to the impossible.´╗┐

    • Madelynn Smith says:

      +Ekaterinya Vladinakova There is. In our new health unit at school we’ve
      learned all about appearance ideals and photo shop and accepting and loving
      our own and other’s bodies.

    • Ekaterinya Vladinakova says:

      +Taylor Healy There needs to be education in schools that these ads and
      magazines are photoshopped. I do like the fact artists are allowed to tell
      the rest of us their technique so we aren’t left in the dark.

    • diethealth says:

      We’re thrilled that this video is helping along the discussion!

    • Anna-Laura Hocker says:

      +diethealth I am here watching too because of a class assignment. I
      realized that photo layouts and ads were touched up in magazines. I never
      imagined it might be close to 99%.

    • Ellen Nguyen says:

      +diethealth this is also used by a psychology professor at Bristol
      University in UK ­čśÇ

  2. Lulastic Hippyshake says:

    Ugh it is so gross “this is where the magic happens” – sorry but how
    totally fucking misogynisitic is this process? UGH´╗┐

  3. Emil Davidsson says:

    Wow, comments are really related to the video-subject, thats a long time
    since I’ve seen that´╗┐

  4. GozerTheGozerian says:

    She already has a phenomenal body. She looks healthy, vibrant, and most
    important, NATURAL. Making her thinner would be a crime, and natural
    breasts are always, always better than fake ones.´╗┐

  5. Sammie Blane says:

    What about video and stuff and porno?´╗┐

  6. 1234567890sunshine says:

    That girl already looked like a model´╗┐

  7. Al Wall says:

    Hard to believe the nonsense in the comments. in 2016 12 years olds have a
    very sophisticated media studies knowledge of photoshopping, advertising,
    the “body ideal” discourse thanks to progressive tiresome left wing
    curriculum influence from neo-Marxist educators – and that 100% of the
    images in mags are doctored. They KNOW. It is OLD news. And if men and
    women really were influenced by the thin ideal there wouldn’t be so many
    fat out of shape folks as the “norm” with their ever flabby soft bodies
    being hailed as “real bodies”.´╗┐

  8. Stuffy McCuffin says:

    She looks amazing!!! Before!´╗┐

  9. Yvonne Sanchez says:

    YES. Retouching should have very strict regulation on mass forms of media
    (i.e. movies, TV shows, music videos, magazines, any form of
    advertisement). At the VERY LEAST there should be obvious labels stating
    that photos have been retouched and are therefore a poor reflection of what
    it means to be a REAL human being. A little dramatic, yes. But you get the
    point. Instagram and other outlets that people use on a regular basis do
    not count as a mass form of media in my opinion.´╗┐

  10. Alisha Lindstrom says:

    If anyone is interested in how I lost 30 pounds, see here +Emilie Kesinger´╗┐

  11. communistjesus says:

    What a “HARD HITTING REPORT” From Valley girl type, aka Sarah…´╗┐

  12. splinterbyrd says:

    EDUCATION!!! Unfortunately, I don’t see how one could ban photoshop and the
    creation of impossible-to-attain images of women. I think the only answer
    is to do what this video is doing; educate! And it should start with
    children the younger the better; they must grow up with this knowledge
    already there, rather than trying to implant it later on´╗┐

  13. Heidi says:

    We spend a lot of time blaming the media for this problem when actually
    this begins at birth with little girls and how they are genderized in
    society. How many times does a little girl hear how pretty she is before
    she is five years old? How many times does she hear how smart she is? If
    she is taught, by our comments, that her looks are the most important thing
    about her, then she will probably grow up thinking this for the rest of her
    life. The media, peers, fashion, and the cinema simply reinforce what we
    have already taught her.´╗┐

    • Yvonne Sanchez says:

      +Heidi I’d say it’s both. The people that emphasize the importance of
      appearance to a young girl are the same people that have been bombarded
      with the kind of media that is obsessed with appearance. It’s a vicious
      cycle. This cycle can only be stopped through education and empowerment.
      Empowerment to reclaim what WE (as in, real people) define as true
      non-superficial beauty.

  14. Alain Bruno says:

    all professional pictures are photoshopped now´╗┐

  15. zabylurt says:

    even porn pics are heavily edited, theres a website called true amateur
    models wher they take pornstars and publish their assholes without
    Photoshop, the amount of red spots and hair is sexy´╗┐

  16. Melissa Hyde says:

    This is horrible. “Unrealistic expectations” is putting it very lightly.
    Outright lies!´╗┐

  17. Gus Palentino says:

    You are absolutely gorgeous just they way you are!!!!! ´╗┐

  18. Joey Jorge says:

    Man I dont think I could ever do this job, she already looks so good, i
    would just look at the original picture and be like “yup shes hot, its all
    good, no photoshop needed”.´╗┐

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