Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Diet Coke+Mentos=Human experiment: EXTREME GRAPHIC CONTENT


Check this out!

Don't stress … I'm still alive!


31 Responses to “Diet Coke+Mentos=Human experiment: EXTREME GRAPHIC CONTENT”

    This is the video I subscribed the guy

  2. spaceye says:

    Old school YouTube right here.

  3. Mario M says:

    This guy and the coke-mentos stunt practically “made” YouTube. before this,
    it was a fringe site. Metacafe and BREAK were more popular. They should
    give him a special plaque or something.

  4. himynameis says:

    I love Renetto and was around during this time.
    But everyone seems to forget the first youtuber to capture all of our
    attention (I swear, it seemed like back then there were like 500 of us that
    were on the site daily)…
    That was the first big “scandal” and he also was “outed” like Reneto.
    Reneto played a character then outed himself and started Vlogging. Emokid
    was a British dude and the community outed him, but it was great when he
    would respond to us trying to claim he was from Ohio.
    Also, littleloca soon cropped up around Reneto’s era, she pretended to be a
    chola. But Boh3me was the one who sort of blazed the trail for all of the
    big Youtubers from the beginning. He just spoke and made replies and always
    was “himself” online.
    Man I am old. I even drove by the old YouTube offices down the peninsula
    hoping to find a job…they were above like a pizza place or resteraunt
    back then and it just looked ghetto….so I drove home……yeah….

    • SofaKing448 says:

      +Gaius Gracchus i find a page on renetto on encyclopedia dramatica. A
      disgusting troll site that will offend most people. But its a fairly
      accurate wiki for internet celebrities that suck. In it i discover renetto
      used revealing pics of his underage kids to get screenshots for his videos
      (to get more views). Some have reportedly even been seen on pedophilia
      websites. Thats not the end though the page has alot of crazy renetto facts
      that will make you hate him. It all came full circle in the end for me. I
      dont live in that shithole town anymore, johnswackyworld is still doing his
      thing as the towns “unofficial homeless historian vlogger” . Probably
      oblivious to all the dark storys surrounding renetto, his inspiration. HOPE

    • SofaKing448 says:

      +Gaius Gracchus this is when it gets weird, i grew up in a small dead end
      NY town thats basically disappearing due to the economy(population 10k i
      think) . We have a local oldschool youtuber named johnswackyworld who just
      loves this shitty town and was inspired by renetto back in the day to vlog.
      Hes kind of a weirdo but the whole town sees him walking around doing wacky
      things(hes even done alot of historical record keeping for the town). Turns
      out he is friends with Renetto his idol now and they have a few vlogs
      together. But wait it gets weirder

    • SofaKing448 says:

      +Gaius Gracchus haah so.. I watch a channel called theneedledrop a very
      popular music critic. He also does a podcast series that often has youtube
      stars as guests. One of his last is with youtubers pyrocynical + NFKRZ
      (both with ~million subs) . In it they discuss the crazy early days of
      youtube and Anthony (the music critic/host) mentions renetto and how he
      used to “run” youtube back in the day and how much its changed. I look up
      renetto and am shocked at how low his subcount is for being a old school
      youtuber. Im also impressed that anthony the host remembers this.

    • U.H. D. says:

      I would love to know.

      I am the Sofa King! This Saturday is going to be a Sofa King great sale!

    • SofaKing448 says:

      Wow… Followed a crazy trail of youtube vids to get here. This was a cool
      comment tho. I too was on youtube in the early days trying my hand at
      making comedy skits in middle school. Was too embarrassed of them by
      highschool so theyre all deleted : ( . lemme know if you care to know how i
      got here lol

  5. Cbreezy says:


  6. RSE 167 says:


  7. Steinbiten says:

    time flies

  8. Friday Harlowe says:

    Attention needing people shouldn’t be left alone without survey…

  9. Elsje Smart says:

    Fake xD 

  10. REVOisMYname says:

    Renetto, the fallen YouTuber

    • SteinbrecherBack says:

      Well, not so much fallen as the guy who stayed static and declined slightly
      while everyone else just shot up…

  11. The real pizza boy says:

    I remember watching in 2006, still funny

  12. Social Media Hype Man says:

    Awesome I Loved your clip! We should be Mutual supporters Please make more

  13. CheckedThunder0 says:

    I remember seeing this in 2007 or 2009 lmao

  14. Free Spirit says:

    That was so awesome to the max x3

  15. stokrenden says:

    I remember when Renetto was one of the most subscribed youtubers back in
    the day.

  16. Bryton Robinson says:

    This was the first YouTube video I ever watched when I was in 6th grade.
    I’m glad I found it. 


    Back when youtube was good.

  18. ThEkInGoFKinGsBP says:

    “Two and a half man” brought me here.

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