Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Diet Coke + Mentos


Check this out!



30 Responses to “Diet Coke + Mentos”
  1. Szymon Pietrzak says:

    Who is watching this in 2016?

  2. "Saludable Club" says:

    Oh my god! This is so old! (still cool though) :)

  3. Brahms Jeanfelix says:

    how I make your girl squirt

  4. The Magic Bush says:

    Feels like people used to be more creative with their videos back when
    youtube was a new thing

  5. dxburner222 says:

    One of the first YouTube videos I watched. Crazy how it’s been 10 years

  6. NotHere says:


  7. Spectastic says:

    experiment? what were they testing?

  8. Raiden-aiden12 says:

    Weezer anybody?

  9. Shannon O'Shea says:

    Zorro103 – the least you could do is give a link to the creator’s channel.

  10. Angus Stringer says:

    The amount of coke that came out of all of those bottles is less then the
    amount of cum that OG Mudbone exerts in one porn video

  11. Temmo - Vadi'nin Küçük Piçi says:

    Meanwhile in Africa

  12. Rehan Poonawalla says:

    Meanwhile in the future…..
    (refering to the 2nd diet coke and mentos expriment.

  13. Pontius888 says:

    Leki if u crie evrithyme.

  14. Randominus says:


  15. Artem Dulenko says:


  16. marylain69 says:

    Meanwhile in the Sahara Desert…

  17. Serena L says:

    Vengo por los 2000 :’D

  18. Kugee says:

    Diet Coke and Mentos are the classic YouTube chemistry experiment.

  19. Kid Playz Not MC I So Noob says:

    I was a baby in this

  20. BenchPressManiac says:

    Should have used a better camera.

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